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Tempra PVC Plug & Socket

Tempra PVC Plug & Socket


AC Box

  • Brand: Legrand
  • Product Category: AC, DP & FP MCB Boxes
  • Current Rating: 20A

Surface Mounting Sockets

  • Just One Per Terminal: A single captive PZ 2 screw per connection terminal. Same type of screw for both ratings, 16 and 32 A.
  • Easy Cover Fixing: Stainless steel captive screws with mixed head (for cross or flat screwdriver) for a good seal, anti-corrosion resistance and time saving during installation.
  • Easy Removal: The active parts of the product can be removed from the base for easier wiring and changing the socket angle.

Panel Mounting Sockets

  • German And French-Belgian Standard: 75 x 75 mm
  • German And French-Belgian Standard: with small flange 50 x 50 mm

Mobile Sockets

  • Quick Opening/Closing System: Unlocked by pressing with a screwdriver. Marking indicates the location for the locking clip. Opened by turning the 2 parts in opposite directions.
  • Enhanced Protection: Removable terminal cover at the back of the panel mounting sockets.
  • Cable Stripping: Marking allows the user to see quickly the length of cable to be stripped and to identify connection terminals. Option of using cables with ferrules.

Straight Plugs

  • Cable grip and toolless closing
  • Connection screws facing one way only
  • Supplied unlocked

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